Wrap Rewards

We strive to give our customers the absolute best experience possible when they do business with us! But what's more important then wrapping a customers vehicle? Seeing that customer come back or post time and time again about how much they love their wrap of course.

During our time in business we've had many customers come back to have one or more vehicles done, time and time again. Some customers have had 1, some customers have had 10... yes you read that correctly, 10!

With that being said we've put a lot of thought into how we can reward and give back to those that support us day in and day out!

Welcome to The Wrap Rewards!

The Wrap Rewards Program is 100% Free to Join and gives our customers the opportunity to earn points by completing tasks or by making referrals. Turn seconds of your day into points. In return customers can use those accumulated points to redeem Freebies, Discounts, Gift Cards, and even the potential for a FREE WRAP among other things!

We've also created a Ambassador Program for our most dedicated customers. Classified by 3 tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, our Ambassadors can earn themselves permanent discounts that can be applied toward any of our products and services now or in the future. Better yet Ambassadors can also earn up to 2x the points per purchase or referral so they can earn themselves free gear, cleaning products, and the color change they've always wanted!

What are you waiting for? Start earning today, It's 100% FREE!!!