Our Story

Our company is all about maximizing our services to fit your time needs while continuing to offer the absolute best quality product available. Vehicle wraps, Commercial Wraps, and Business Signage are just a few of the things we do. Better yet, we are 100% mobile and can arrange to come right to you!

At Vt Wraps LLC we value your time and your business and we take our appointments very seriously. Whether you come to us or we come to you, we arrive when we say we’re going to and finish in the quickest amount of time possible while maintaining excellent quality!

In the meantime, enjoy a little backstory about us...

THE EARLY YEARS: 2013-2018

Vt Wraps has a lengthy history in the Vermont community. 

Starting back in 2013 as a small home based one man vinyl decal shop named NEK Decals, the company started off slowly but began to build a popular name for itself. In mid 2014 NEK Decals opened its first storefront in Newport, Vt. From vinyl decals to eventually offering a wide variety of larger sign shop items such as stickers, signs, printed apparel, vehicle lettering, and more. NEK Decals made a great statement for just over 5 years in the community!

In late 2018 NEK Decals and ATD Signs of St Johnsbury, VT established a partnership and a new business was formed, Legacy Signs Vt. This new company continued to offer the same services and eventually added on a few more such as DTG Printing and Laser Engraving. Throughout this entire process of new things, training courses for vehicle wraps also began to be researched. The business quickly became wrap certified for Full Color Digital and Full Color Change Wraps.

Unfortunately the partnership only lasted a quick year and a half, dissolved, and ultimately the owners parted ways in late March 2020.


Formed in Early May 2020, VT Wraps LLC is a product of years of learning, years of growth, years of failures, and years of success. With just under 100 wraps done in the first year being back solo, the bar for success was set! VT Wraps LLC has grown into the certified professional shop you see today!


After 10 months of success VT Wraps ran into a HUGE setback in early March of 2021. The one call no business owner every wants to receive... "You're business is on fire...". At roughly 5am on the morning of March 2, 2021, that call was received! The building, businesses, and all of the contents inside where a total loss! Was this the quick end to VT Wraps?


Being down and out with nothing to go with, decisions had to be made, quick moves taken, and within just a few weeks VT Wraps was back up and running! Now running from a much smaller, off the beating path location, we had to make due, and that we did! For all the people that helped pull things together, VT Wraps will forever be in debt! 

During this entire process a mobile unit was formed and VT Wraps set out on the road! Establishing a couple of solid locations we where back in business!


Back in action! Throughout the remainder of 2021 VT Wraps has pushed and pushed. Fully back on track we have made leaps and bounds at what we have become. Achieving well over 100 vehicles even with the big setbacks! Now located in a comfortable 60'x60' shop just outside of Newport, Vt where do we go from here?

Well... 2022 of course, but only up from there!


2022 was a great year for Vt Wraps! As a whole there where very few snags! We had the opportunity to wrap more then 150 vehicles, surpassing our previous years! During this growth we had the opportunity to meet new people, travel more, and even get our feet wet in a larger scale Commercial world! 

And to top it all off and to finish the year we set out to become better for all of you! December 4-9, 2022 we attended 3M Training in St Paul, Minnesota to become 3M Preferred Installers!

2023 here we come!!!