The Process

The vinyl graphic industry has certain standards that each and every shop should uphold. At Vt Wraps we shoot to exceed those standards every single time. Why? Because we want our work to stand out above the competition! Not only that but we want a happy clientele that returns time after time!
This is our strict go to process that ensures that happens!



  1. Each project is thoroughly inspected before accepting any job and again upon arrival at our shop. During the initial process we will alert you to anything that is a potential for wrap failure relating to the condition of the vehicle. Deep scratches, dents, rock chips and rust will be discussed. We encourage you to have any necessary touch-up bodywork completed prior to beginning your project in. Imperfections may be cause undesirable results. For a color change wrap imperfections may be magnified but custom wraps with graphics may be designed in such a way that it can help add some needed “camouflage”, if necessary.  If touch-up is required it’s not necessary for your vehicle to have a “ complete paint job”. Properly filling, sanding, and prepping may be adequate. Proper preparation and we can apply your new wrap over primer!



  1. Prior to beginning, our team will take your vehicle through a thorough washing prep process using the highest quality products.
  2. After the wash process, we will prep your vehicle by completely wiping it down with the industry’s best paint safe prep products. this makes certain that your vehicle is free from any hidden contaminants and fine particles. This step insures your paint will be receptive to the vinyl and will give you excellent adhesion between your paint and the wrap film. This step insures a long life for your new wrap. The better the overall condition of the vehicle, the better the final result!
  3. As we’re prepping your vehicle we are becoming familiar with its contours and flat areas. This will assist us during the installation phase so that we know your vehicle’s potential challenges during installation, equipping us to complete a quality installation on our first application. We always, always shoot for a one time process!
  4. Next, if your project includes embellishment removal, we’re going to carefully remove and store them. We prefer to remove anything that will interfere with the smooth canvas of your vehicles body, allowing us to install a wrinkle-free wrap! Parts that may be removed could include: moldings, door handles, trim, emblems, headlights, and tail lights. If the piece(s) will not be reinstalled before completion they will be safely stored in the glove box or trunk of the vehicle so you will have them for future use. (If any parts or piece(s) are not possible to remove – we will discuss this option during the initial inspection.)
  5. While we’re completing your project we use nothing but the highest quality tools.



  1. Measuring out the wrap is a very crucial stage. We may go back to the vehicle multiple times depending on how complex to makes notes. We always have a extra material which gives us the ability to properly, trim, wrap, and tuck. This insures quality coverage for the life of your wrap.



  1. One last wipe down insures there’s been no accumulation of dust or dirt during the previous steps!
  2. Laying the film comes next and we use only the highest quality premium films that are air egress or air-release products. This gives the final result a bubble, wrinkle free result that look as good as paint!
  3. After double checking positioning to insure all graphics make coverage and are as designed and desired custom designs are achieved…then and only then is the trimming step completed!
  4. After trimming now it's time to tuck the edges. Proper tucking and trimming techniques allow you to enjoy a professional looking finish for the lifespan of your wrap!
  5. After all of the previous steps are complete, now it's time to set the wrap. With the proper amount of heat and pressure your wrap will now be able to withstand the stresses of sun, wind, rain, salt, and more.  



  1. Before you arrive to pick up your new wrap we’re going to give another wipe down. We use the highest quality products to make sure you vehicle look as good as it did the day it came off the dealers lot! 



  1. We take pride in our work and we wanna see you again! Jump over to our Warranty page to see the specific details!