Client Service Agreement


Before we can get to the good stuff we have to tackle the Nitty Gritty first!


We strive to provide a great quality consistent service each and every time a vehicle comes to us. We try to be as transparent with our customers as possible and address everything that needs to be upfront. Some vehicles, and for that unfortunate matter, some people, do not have that same outlook on things. Therefore here at Vt Wraps LLC we have a Client Service Agreement put in place. This ensures a happy outcome for everyone!

It is a straight forward agreement that covers all the basis and clearly lays out the responsibilities of both parties.



Please read entirely! This agreement MUST be signed before any work will be performed!



A vehicle wrap is an extremely hands-on process involving many challenging steps that each require full attention and expert craftsmanship. While your vehicle is at Vt Wraps LLC, it is our top priority to return it to you in a timely manner with a wrap free of flaws that will outlast its warrantied life span. To assure this high level of quality, it is important that we both understand the following. Thank you for choosing VT Wraps LLC!

______We both understand that VT Wraps LLC. may need to keep my vehicle for up to_____ days in order to assure the highest quality installation. I understand this process cannot be rushed or could result in a poor quality installation.

______ We understand that a wrap is not a paint job and in some cases may have overlapping seams, relief cuts, or other evidence that it is vinyl. Keep in mind that we will always go to every length to ensure that in the case of seams, they are placed in the most inconspicuous place possible.

______We understand that a wrap is not a paint job and no wrap is 100% perfect, and in some events have tiny amounts of dust or debris trapped under the vinyl. Keep in mind that we will always go to every length to ensure that does not happen, but sometimes this is beyond our control.

______We understand that a wrap is not a paint job and while VT Wraps LLC aims to complete a wrap that is viewable from 2’ away, industry standards states normal viewing is 5’ to 10’.

______I understand that VT Wraps LLC is not a body shop and does not fix body damage (IE: Dents, dings, chips, etc.), I should bring my vehicle in the condition I would like it wrapped in.

_____ I understand that if my vehicle has paint, or body damage, is excessively dirty, has been repaired or has weak clear coat that VT Wraps LLC. will not be held responsible for any lifting or adhesive failure that may occur in the future. (Please refer to “Agreement Details” Section 2 for complete details)

______I understand that it is my responsibility to remove any unwanted graphics or emblems, ensure paint and body is in fair condition, and that the vehicle is clean and in proper condition prior to drop off.

______ I understand that I will be charged a fee of $75 for each hour spent by VT Wraps LLC removing existing graphics/coating, emblems, or performing heavy cleaning on my vehicle. While we do our best to remove things with care VT Wraps LLC is not responsible for any paint / clearcoat damage done while performing this process.

______ I understand that the final wrap may vary slightly from proofs due to curvature, obstacles or other reasons outside of our control.

______ Much like my weekly visits to a grocery store, gas station, or any other retail establishment, I understand that a 50% Non-Refundable deposit is due at time of booking and my vehicle will not be released from VT Wraps LLC’s possession until full payment has been received.

______ I understand that VT Wraps LLC. is not responsible for items lost, left behind, or stolen in my vehicle while in their possession.

______ I understand that all sales are final. I will not attempt to issue charge-backs, check-stops, or other methods of refund.


Agreement Details:

To print a wrap requires a multi-step process File prep, printing, laminating, and trimming. After material is printed it needs 24-48 hours to dry and cure before laminating. At each second of a wrap, something could go wrong that requires a reprint. A wrap can be installed perfectly, trimmed, and a single drip of water, or wrong move of a squeegee can require that panel be removed, reprinted, dried, and reinstalled. Nothing can be rushed and by the time your installer has finished your wrap, he has touched every inch of your vehicle at least 4 times.

Wraps are self-adhesive vinyl that will only adhere properly to catalyzed paint, and glass. Contrary to anything, anyone employed by VT Wraps LLC. has told you, the only surface, that we will guarantee and warranty our product will adhere to is catalyzed paint, and glass. There is zero warranty to any panels that have had repair work, you are doing so at your own risk. If we are installing vinyl to any other surface, you understand that we are making an educated guess as to the life expectancy and do not offer any warranty.

VT Wraps LLC. is a small company and there is a strong likelihood that the same person you have been communicating with before you dropped off your vehicle, is now actively engaged in getting your vehicle ready for pickup. Preparing files, printing, laminating, cleaning, wrapping, trimming, and sealing are all time and laborintensive tasks that require full attention. From the moment your vehicle arrives, it is our priority to get it back to you as quickly as possible. Please do us the courtesy and wait to hear from us. Calling or stopping by multiple times to “check in” can break focus and will only delay progress and or hinder quality.

Paint repairs on cars have advanced, and sometimes very difficult for even us to determine if a vehicle has sustained damage, and/or been touched-up, repainted, buffed, or wet sanded, thus weakening the clear coat, or actual paint adhesion to the body. For this reason, VT Wraps LLC. is not responsible for ANY damage to existing paint or clear coat. By providing your keys to our staff, you understand that VT Wraps LLC. is not responsible for any damage to paint/clear coat, or paint adhesion to your vehicle.

We offer 1 year warranty installation of product and pass on the existing warranty provided by the manufacturer. Should that company decline a warranty claim on your product, VT Wraps LLC. is not responsible for any further warranty on your product.


I have read in complete and understand and accept this agreement.

Customer Name (Printed): __________________________________________________________

Customer Signature: __________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ( ____ ) ____ - ______ Date: ___ / ___ / ___


Ready to proceed?! Download the PDF here to sign and submit thru email, or print it out and bring it the day of your appointment!