Here at VT Wraps we strive to give our customers the "One Stop Shop" feeling! We want them to feel as if they just bought a brand new car when it leaves our possession! So how do we do that you might ask?

Well, we firmly believe helping other small businesses is a win win for everyone, especially if their line of work meshes perfectly with ours!

SO... one way is by partnering with some of the newest up and coming Detailers in the area.

Mike's Detailing will be our go to in the Newport area and Wiseguy Auto Detailing will be our go to in the Williston, Vt area.

So no matter which location we wrap your vehicle in we've got you covered!


And don't worry! You don't have to have your car wrapped or vinyl applied to have this service done either. This is also offered as a standalone service to all of our customers!


Located: 1180 Vermont Rte 100, Newport, VT 05855
Phone: 802-595-0792