Commercial Wraps

Commercial Wraps 

Are you committed to being one step ahead of your competition? When you drive around in a wrapped rolling billboard that's exactly where you'll be! Always falling on fresh eyes no matter where you or your staff goes!

Commercial or business wraps are huge in today market because they are PROVEN TO WORK! They give you the Biggest Bang for your Buck in advertising money.

With 7+ years in the business we are here to help you take your ideas and make them a reality! We are here to help you get your message across so the next time someone needs what you offer THEY REMEMBER YOU!

Fleet Wraps

So you walk outside and all of a sudden WOW... you realize now you have maybe 2...4...7 vehicles in your fleet? Congratulations, that means your business is successful and really growing!

Now stop and look again... are all of those vehicles wrapped with the same graphics? If they aren't, they should be! Having a consistent branding image will show your customers you are serious and make sure they don't forget your name. Think about it, you drive by thousands of eyes a day. Make them remember who you are!

Whether your vehicles are all identical or a mix of different brands, Vt Wraps can layout your graphics for each of the unique needs. We will also provide vehicle renderings for each specific vehicle before the graphics are printed. 

Trailer Wraps 

If you think wrapping a car or truck gives you great advertising then just imagine what a full size trailer can do for you. Take your brand, your message to the next level and let us help you utilize that space to its best potential. 

Vehicle wraps are in a league of their own!!!

Business cards, posters, fliers, websites, these are all things that can stack up and become HUGE overhead expenses within a very short period of time. When you break it down and look at the one time cost of a wrap that will last for many years it becomes very clear what the better choice is.

Advertisers and sales people have know for many years that rolling advertisement would be a huge market. Shouldn't you be a part of that movement? We think so too! 

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Each vehicle brand and model is created differently and therefore may require different techniques for installation. Just because your vehicle is half the size of your friends does not mean its easier or less complex to wrap. 

Starting prices listed above are for Commercial Exterior Changes in Gloss, Satin, or Matte finishes. 

Final prices are based off a series of categories including: Vehicle color, size, complexity, Film color, brand, and finish just to name a few.

We closely follow industry standards to stay as current as possible. Prices subject to change without notice.

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