Color Change Liquid Wraps

Ready for a change?

Sick of that factory paint and ready for a change? Wanna try something different that a standard vinyl wrap? A custom Liquid Wrap is your answer! Let's give your ride a total makeover!

What is Liquid Wrap exactly?

Liquid Wrap, also known as "dip" is a generic term to describe a removable polymer coating that has been sprayed onto a surface. The term "dipping" is a reference to the process in which dip began. Early on people used the coating on small work tools, but soon it was realized it could be used on wheels, door handles, mirrors, and eventually entire vehicles without harming the OEM finish.

In todays world with companies like Halo, Raail, and Autoflex these Liquid Wraps or "dips" have dramatically changed in composition and quality. Done properly by a professional installer it can even be sanded, buffed, polished, waxed, and ceramic coated! It's even fuel and solvent resistant! You would be amazed that its peel-able and not an OEM finish! 

Why Liquid Wrap?

Liquid Wrap in many ways is exactly like a standard Vinyl Wrap. Besides the color change you still receive the benefit of paint protection! But some additional benefits of a liquid wrap is it can be on smaller items like wheels and badges that otherwise might be impossible to achieve using vinyl wrap!

Full Color graphics are not available with Liquid Wraps. To achieve this you would need to go with a Vinyl Wrap Service.

Which Liquid Wrap is right for you?

Did we mention Color Choices!

Virtually any color or combination can be achieved with a Liquid Wrap. As manufactures continue to make the product higher quality they are even beginning to add in options to match OEM finishes! You can choose from a number of Basic finishes including Gloss, Satin, Matte, and Metallic. You can also select from premium finishes such as Pearls or Colorshifts. You can be BOLD and LOUD or SOFT and SUBTLE. With so many options available we really can make your dream a reality!

Full Color graphics are not available with Liquid Wraps. To achieve this you would need to go with a Vinyl Wrap Service.

Our Current Liquid Wrap Color Change Pricing!

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